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About Us

The P.E.I. Cattle Producers (PEICP) has been the official voice for beef producers throughout Prince Edward Island for more than 35 years. The PEICP was originally formed in 1976 as the "PEI Cattlemen's Association", and is proud to continue to represent the interests of more than 400 members, provincially, regionally and nationally.

Our Team:
The business of the PEICP is handled by a six-member Board of Directors, an Ex-Officio representative from the board of Dairy Farmers of PEI and a full time Executive Director. The board consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary-Treasurer and three additional directors Members of the Board are elected annually from its members. Six producers, one from each of the three counties, and three at large, make up the Board. Each Director is elected for a three year term, renewable for a second term.

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Our Goals:
As Island Beef Producers, our success is built on responsible and sustainable farming practices and will be continued by our sons and daughters. Here at the PEI Cattle Producers, we collaborate with all Maritime Producers and partners throughout the value chain.

Our Goals:

  • Achieving sustainable incomes for Maritime Beef Producers and Partners
  • Securing stable processing partners and market options
  • Becoming focused and responsive to our customers and consumers
  • Building mutual respect and improving relationships in our communities
  • Attracting young and new farmers to our industry

The PEICP represents PEI's beef producers nationally through membership in the Canadian Cattlemen's Association (CCA) and regionally through the Maritime Beef Council (MBC). more...

The CCA is the national "voice" of Canada's 83,000 beef producers, the Canadian Cattlemen's Association (CCA) structure represents every phase of the production system; the purebred, cow/calf, backgrounding and feedlot sectors. The CCA was founded by producers and is led by a producer-elected board of directors from across Canada. It works with other sectors of the agriculture and food industries on matters of mutual concern.

The PEICP also represents its members regionally on the Maritime Beef Council. This organization is made up of the beef cattle organizations of the three Maritime Provinces. Its main objective is to work collaboratively on issues that affect beef producer across the region.

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