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Prince Edward Island Certified Beef

For generations, Maritime beef farmers have been raising cattle on small family owned and operated farms. Today, these farms have grown and thrived in the Maritime environments, showcasing the relationship between farmer, animal and land that cannot be replicated.

While some of the cattle may be born in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, they are all finished on PEI. This helps to create the distinctive taste and tenderness of the meat because they are raised on some of the highest quality grass, grain and potatoes.


  • Prince Edward Island Certified Beef producers are committed to quality and flavour resulting in a premium product.
  • All cattle are finished on Prince Edward Island small family farms. A truly local brand
  • Fair trade- Each head of cattle sold ensures money goes to support the Prince Edward


  • Cattle are raised without use of added hormones
  • Cattle are never treated with antibiotics within 100 days of market
  • All farmers who raise cattle for Prince Edward Island Certified Beef have completed humane handling courses
  • AAA or higher grade
  • Processed exclusively by Atlantic Beef Products
  • All animals are traceable from the farm of birth to processing at Atlantic Beef Products
  • Antibiotic free for at least 100 days prior to going to market
  • Highest quality grass, grain and potatoes and selected feeds are fed to our cattle


  • All cattle must be born in the Maritimes and finished on Prince Edward Island
  • Must be Age Verified and under 30 months of age
  • Must be fed a ration where 40% of DM during the last 100 days comes from grain
  • Must be fed 500IU/head/day of Vitamin E during the last 100 days
  • Have no synthetic hormones
  • Have no antibiotics, including Rumensin and Bovatec, during the last 100 days
  • Have a tag score of 3 or less
  • Grade AAA or higher
  • Dress between 700-900 lbs


  • Must sign a Licensing Agreement upon joining the brand
  • Must sign an Affidavit HERE
  • Completed an on Farm Audit HERE
  • Maintain a valid Environmental Farm Planning Certificate HERE
  • Attend a Humane Handling Workshop - workbook
  • Cow Calf Manifest (to be completed when feeders are sold to CIB feedlots) HERE (Fillable PDF - save to desktop and open with PDF reader. Fields are editable.)
  • Feedlot Traceability form (must be completed when sending cattle to ABP) HERE


Affidavit - The Affidavit must be completed by a licensed cow calf producer, background producers and feedlot producers who supply cattle to Prince Edward Island Certified Beef.

Farm Audit - The Third Party Auditor inspects the farm to ensure that the farm meets the standards for CIB production.

Cow Calf Manifest - The Cow Calf Manifest provides evidence that there was a purchase of cattle from the cow calf producer to the feedlot owner.

Age Verification - It is important that producers ensure all CIB animals be aged verified by attaching the birthdates to the CCIA tag. All animals must be Age Verified within one year of signing onto the brand.

Feedlot Traceability Form - The Feedlot Traceability Form must be completed when all animals are sent to ABP for processing. This helps both producers and CFIA to identify cattle eligible for the brand.

Environmental Farm Planning Certificate - Humane Handling workshop - All producers must attend a Humane Handling Workshop within one year of signing onto the brand.

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