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Beef Nutrition:
Packed with 14 essential nutrients, lean beef is a nutritious choice for a healthy diet. Find detailed information from this PDF table on nutrients found in beef or read more information on Beef Nutrition.

Prince Edward Island Certified Beef:
Prince Edward Island farmers have a long tradition of raising the best cattle that results in the finest quality beef for our consumers. The salt air, time on pasture and a diet including PEI potatoes helps give PEI beef its' distinctive flavour. This beef has been branded as Prince Edward Island Certified Beef. Our cattle have been fed a diet of the highest quality ingredients; are treated humanely and have not been administered hormone implants at any point in their lives. Find more information on PEI Certified Beef.

Cooking & Freezing: Try these delicious beef recipes and read about purchasing beef for your freezer.

Kids' Corner: Download and print a cow puzzle and colouring sheet.

Where to Purchase Island Beef:
Click here for a printable chart of where to purchase Island Beef.

For more information (directions, list of products, etc.) please visit http://www.gov.pe.ca/saf/farmfresh


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