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Deadstock Pick-up and Removal Service

This is a fee based service available to all Island Beef Producers. Fees are based on inventories or marketings from each individual farm. Invoices for the service are sent out in March. Only those who pay their invoice will be eligible for pick-ups.

Inventories and marketings are obtained from individual producers when they register with the PEI Cattle Producers (PEICP). If a producer does not register, the fee is based on the previous year's deadstock pickups representing 6% of the herd, and/or the producer is billed based on an estimated of his inventory or marketings.
Once a producer pays his invoice, his name is added to a list of those eligible for pick-up.

If a producer calls Maritime Pet Foods (MPF) for pickup, and they are not on the list of paid producers, they will be directed to contact the PEICP. Once a fee has been determined and the fee has been paid, the PEICP will notify MPF to pick up the animal.

Producers, who experience a high number of mortality on farm, may be subject to additional High Use fees. High Use fees are based on the numbers of animals picked up between January 1- December 31 the previous year. This fee is $100.00/animal for each animal picked up that is above 6% of their total inventory or marketings. The PEICP has developed an appeal policy for anyone who wishes to appeal their High Use fees.

A producer is required to pay their deadstock fee to be in good standing with the PEICP. A producer in good standing, can participate in any programs or services offered by the PEICP.

Some producers have indicated that they compost their dead livestock on farm. As a result, the PEICP is going to offer these producers the ability to undergo an on-farm audit of their compost site for a cost. Upon completion of the audit, if the producer meets the provincial requirements for on-farm composting of dead livestock, the producer will be considered to be in good standing with the PEICP. To request and audit, a producer must sign and submit the on-farm composting questionnaire.

For more information of on-farm composting of dead livestock please view the following links:

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