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PEI Cattle Producers Membership Registration


Farm Name *
*1. Have you been a resident of PEI during the past six months?
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*2. Have you bought or sold 1 or more cattle in the past 12 months?
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*3. Are you over the age of 18 years?
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*4. Are you a PEI Dairy Producer?
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5. If you are a PEI Dairy Producer, do you give PEICP permission to access your total production quota with DFPEI on January 1, 2021?
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Answers for 1, 2, and 3 must be 'yes' to register

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To avoid duplication, please include the names of others commonly associated with your farm, i.e. family members, partners.

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County* Kings Queens Prince

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Business Type*: Sole Proprietor Partnership Corporation

In order to facilitate the collection of fees from producers to cover the beef sector's share of Deadstock Removal costs, this next section is mandatory. When filling in this section, please keep in mind the following:

  • You are asked to report on your ANNUAL INVENTORY and MARKETINGS for the previous calendar year.
  • If you custom feed, you must report ALL INVENTORY and MARKETINGS from your farm, INCLUDING cattle you do not own. It is up to you, whether you pass this cost on to the owners of the custom fed cattle on your farm.
  • The PEICP reserves the right to audit your operation to verify the number of inventory and marketings you have claimed.

*Please indicate which sector you belong to as well as the number of cattle for each category.

Please note; all fields must contain a number. If you do not have any cattle in a category please insert the number "0".

Inventory should include the average number of cattle in each category on your farm for the previous calendar year.

For the purpose of filling in the fields below, please refer to the following definitions:

  • Bull: active breeding bull or culled bull
  • Female Breeding Stock: mature breeding cows, cull cows, bred heifers, un-bred heifers retained for breeding purposes
  • Feeders: calves or youthful steers or heifers raised for the purpose of finishing
  • Finished Cattle: cattle being finished for slaughter


Cow/Calf Inventory Quantity
   #Female Breeding Stock
Background Marketings  
Feedlot Marketings  
   #Finished Cattle

   Total: Inventory
   Total: Marketings

*How many animals did you dispose of through the deadstock removal service last year?

By submitting this form, I/We:

  • certify that the information given on this application is to the best of my knowledge complete, accurate and true;
  • understand the information collected herein will be for the sole use of the PEI Cattle Producers, and more specifically, that inventory and marketing information will be viewed only by staff and will not be shared with anyone else including Directors of the PEICP;
  • if a dairy producer, i/we give PEICP permission to access the Total Production quota as of January 1 2020 from DFPEI for the use of Alternative Dairy Levy formula Purposes ONLY and will be viewed only by staff and will not be shared with anyone else including Directors of the PEICP.

I/we understand that I/we will be in non compliance with board regulations on deadstock if I/we:

  • fail to properly complete and submit the registration form, and will result in a maximum fee for deadstock being billed to us.
  • fail to remit payment for deadstock fees

In addition, by failing to remit payment for deadstock removal fees, I/we:

  • acknowledge that my name not be in good standing with the PEICP unless payment has been received within 60 days of invoicing, and that my name will be forwarded to Maritime Pet Food and I/we will not receive deadstock pickup services until we are in good standing with the PEICP.
  • acknowledge that I/we must allow seven days from the day payment has been received at the PEICP, to have my/our status reverted back to "good standing".
  • acknowledge that my name will be forwarded to the Department of the Agriculture to make them aware that I/we are not in compliance with the deadstock service regulations.
  • acknowledge that we could be subject to fines for the unlawful disposal of deadstock.

Please insert the characters you see into the box.

Privacy Statement: PEI Cattle Producers, its
staff and directors, protect the privacy and security of your personal
information as outlined in the Personal Information Protection and
Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


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