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application for Young Cattlemen's Council

March 3, 2016
To Whom It May Concern,
The Maritime Beef Council is seeking a new representative to serve on the Young Cattlemen’s Council (YCC). This regional position is currently being held by Daniel Muir and must be filled by August, 2016. 
The YCC is designed to provide the nine board members from across the country with policy development and board governance experience so that they can be more productive members on regional/provincial/national boards and councils. YCC board members past and present are greatly encouraged to run for positions in their provincial cattle associations. 
The YCC consists of a nine member board between the ages of 21 and 35. Six of the nine seats are appointed by the provinces and the other three are at large seats voted on by the general membership. Each term is a two year term. 
The Council meets on a monthly basis via conference call for an hour long meeting scheduled in the evening. There are also subcommittees that have calls in addition to the regular monthly meetings as needed. YCC meets face to face twice per year: once for the CCA Annual Meeting in March in Ottawa and once for the YCC Annual Meeting. Travel costs to these events are covered by the Council.  This year the YCC Annual Meeting is during the Canadian Beef Industry Conference during the second week of August in Calgary. 
A YCC member sits on each of the CCA committees in an ex-officio capacity. That member attends committee meetings and calls and reports back to the YCC. 
Each YCC member is expected to be involved with their provincial association (most notably the provincial representatives) so that they are able to discuss YCC activities with the province and bring back provincial feedback to the Council as well as promote the YCC at the provincial level.
The YCC also has a general membership that they communicate with through a quarterly newsletter and social media. It is our goal to be a conduit for information to youth from industry and to inspire more industry involvement, whether that is a board or committee position or attending their fall meeting. Each YCC board member is expected to be an ambassador for youth in our industry and encourage involvement in the YCC and other industry organizations.  
Recent activities that YCC has been involved in:
•        Throughout the summer and fall of 2015, the YCC contributed to industry efforts alongside CCA and Alberta Beef Producers when the Edmonton Youth Council proposed a motion to Edmonton City Council to have only vegan catering options in order to become more environmentally sustainable. YCC first connected with the Youth Council over social media and later spoke to both City Council and the Youth Council about the sustainability and environmental impacts of the beef industry. After hearing from both industry and the Youth Council the City Council did not put forth the motion. 
•        The YCC is bringing forth feedback and recommendations to the CCA and the Government of Canada regarding the Growing Forward 3 framework from the youth of the industry. The Council held round table sessions at the CYL Fall Forum at Agribition and have also accepted input over social media from their general membership on this important issue.
The Maritime Beef Council invites you to submit your resume by April 30, 2016 in order to be considered for this position.  A small selection committee will review all submissions and only the successful candidate will be notified on June 1, 2016. For more information, or to send you resume electronically, please send it to Rinnie Bradley at [email protected]   or call (902)368-2229. Daniel has also provided his email, [email protected] in case you would like additional information or feedback from him.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Rinnie Bradley
Secretary, Maritime Beef Council
Application Form

Application for the Maritime Young Cattlemen’s Council (YCC) Representative



Phone Number

Email Address:



What is your background and current involvement in the beef industry?







Describe the activities and responsibilities you incur during a typical week, include beef and non beef related items.








List and describe recent successes in your education and/or profession.





Briefly explain what you would like to gain from your participation in YCC and what you expect to be able to contribute back to the industry.




What makes you an ideal candidate to represent the Maritime Region on the YCC?




In what way do you think you will be able to apply some of the knowledge and skills you will gain?




What is an example of your passion for success in the beef industry?




Deadline for accepting applications is April 30, 2016





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